28 - 29 November, 2017 | Novotel Sydney Central, Sydney, Australia

Conference Day One: Tuesday, 28th November 2017

8:30 am - 9:00 am Conference Registration and Welcome Coffee


9:00 am - 9:40 am Opening Remarks and Presentation by the Conference Chair: International Accreditation on Workforce Planning

Julie Sloan, Chief Executive,Workforce Planning Global
As the lead writer for both the inaugural Australian and International standards on Workforce Planning, Julie Sloan will open the conference with an overview of what’s happening around the globe in strategic workforce planning. 

Julie Sloan

Chief Executive
Workforce Planning Global

9:40 am - 10:20 am Understanding Sustainable Employability: What it Could Mean for Australia’s Future Workforce

Sabrina Pit, Senior Research Fellow, Workforce Research Steam Leader,University of Sydney
Adopting a sustainable employability framework can help maintain quality work, wellbeing and a long-term agile approach. This then assists in acquiring, developing and training and retaining workforce members to meet changing economic, legislative and market requirements and conditions.

Drawing on The International Standards Organisation Technical Report 30406: Sustainable employability management for organisations, Sabrina will discuss how Australia can work towards a common understanding of sustainable employability and building capacity and capability. Referencing European case studies and how it will translate into the Australian context, this session will give an understanding on the limitations of the sustainable employability concept and the extent of acceptance in Australian organisations.

Sabrina Pit

Senior Research Fellow, Workforce Research Steam Leader
University of Sydney

10:20 am - 10:50 am Thought Leadership Session

10:50 am - 11:20 am Speed Networking Session

An effective structured interactive session designed to help expand your network through one-to-one focused conversations. Bring your business cards!



11:50 am - 1:00 pm Interactive Discussion Groups (IDGs)

This is your chance to make your conference experience truly interactive and collaborative. Each IDG is set in a roundtable format and will be facilitated by an expert practitioner in the space. In two rotations, each IDG will last for 30 minutes, allowing you to pick the two top of mind topics you wish to discuss and solve.

Table 1

11:50 am - 1:00 pm Aged Care Workforce – Managing Home Community Retention and Recruitment
Laurie Slade, Workforce Planning Specialist, Aged Care Plus Support Service,,The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army’s Aged Care Plus Support Services includes different working environments such as retirement villages, residential care facilities and community care. With the various operations within the types of services, there are often challenges with managing the recruitment and staffing levels, particularly with community care. In this session, Laurie will briefly touch on the challenges in engaging a community care workforce and the current focuses to help develop a more strategic plan for the future.

Laurie Slade

Workforce Planning Specialist, Aged Care Plus Support Service,
The Salvation Army

Table 2

11:50 am - 1:00 pm Organisational Restructuring and its Influence on Organisational Design and Strategic Workforce Planning
Virginia Boyd, Director, People, Culture and Development,Albury Wodonga Health
Albury Wodonga Health has embarked on an organisational restructuring journey that has changed the strategies and functions of their HR department. As a result, better investment has been made with supporting their nurses, doctors and managers to create a modern contemporary structure to benchmark in the health industry and support the business in a strategic, proactive approach. In this discussion group, Virginia will explore the affects of organisational restructuring and how to recognise ways to accommodate changing unit priorities and improve relationships for a smooth transition.

Virginia Boyd

Director, People, Culture and Development
Albury Wodonga Health

Table 3

11:50 am - 1:00 pm Improving Workforce Health and Wellbeing as a Strategy for Resilience Against Workforce Risks
Gabrielle Kelly, Director, Wellbeing and Resilience Centre,South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

Gabrielle Kelly

Director, Wellbeing and Resilience Centre
South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

Table 4

11:50 am - 1:00 pm Thought Leadership Speaker

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm NETWORKING LUNCH

2:00 pm - 2:40 pm Rural Workforce Planning: Initiatives to Attract, Retain and Value this Critical Workforce

Richard Colbran, Chief Executive Officer,NSW Rural Doctors Network
The NSW Rural Doctors Network works collaboratively with seven agencies to help implement and recruit for Australia’s rural healthcare workforce. Managing the supply and demand of this critical workforce can come down to your organisation’s strategies for building capacity and training of rural workforces and the initiatives in place to ensure their retention. This session will explore specific case studies across NSW and nationally on the strategies that should be implemented to grow rural workforces.

  • Introducing undergraduate scholarships and initiatives to boost graduate recruitment in rural areas
  • The need for collaboration to manage expectations for hours of work and understanding traditional rural health skillsets
  • Models to develop a more resourceful workforce strategy to manage after hours care, and how to balance this with the expectations of community care

Richard Colbran

Chief Executive Officer
NSW Rural Doctors Network

2:40 pm - 3:20 pm Case Study: Advancing Queensland Health’s Service Delivery Through Workforce Strategy

Quentin O’Grady, Senior Director, Workforce Strategy Branch,Queensland Department of Health

Quentin O’Grady

Senior Director, Workforce Strategy Branch
Queensland Department of Health


3:50 pm - 4:30 pm Supporting Nurse Wellbeing: Recruitment and Retention Successes at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Jac Mathieson, Chief Nursing Officer,Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre currently holds over 2500 staff with an additional 180+ volunteers. Over the past year, Peter Mac has been developing personal, professional and educational wellbeing programs to boost the resilience and retention of all staff and workforces at the centre. In addition to this, the organisation is looking to boost their graduate pool from 23 to 28 by next year. In this session, Jac will explore the current journey at Peter Mac, particularly the retention and growth strategies with new graduates.

  • Encouraging the year on year growth of graduate recruitment and overcoming the challenges with graduate workforce readiness
  • The Happy People App: Driving meaningful experiences and utilising systems and applications to monitor staff engagement and retention
  • Managing future supply and demand: How to develop graduates with limited skills to provide a pathway for career development

Jac Mathieson

Chief Nursing Officer
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

4:30 pm - 5:10 pm Understanding People Systems and Metrics at Calvary Public Hospital Bruce to Design an Efficient Workforce

Steve McLean, Director, People and Organisational Development,Calvary Public Hospital Bruce
At Calvary Public Hospital Bruce, the organisation has been on a journey to extract data in people and financial systems in a way that could assist in taking steps further into the future workforce. The organisation has harnessed a different way of thinking, particularly when it comes to behaviours and attitudes of their future workforce. This session will explore CPHB’s workforce planning project, exploring how their understanding of their systems and metrics has influenced the design of their future workforce.

  • Utilising workforce data to profile workforce behaviours and attitudes to acquire the right team
  • Moving away from basic functions of people systems and data to create better engagement and retention strategies for existing and new workforces
  • Strategies for good collaboration and communication with stakeholders and system providers to organise data and evolve and grow junior workforces 

Steve McLean

Director, People and Organisational Development
Calvary Public Hospital Bruce

5:10 pm - 5:40 pm Champagne Solutions Clinic

This champagne solutions clinic will encourage you to further identify, benchmark, and analyse the key issues and challenges around Workforce Planning in Australia’s Public Sector. Delegates will discuss their most pressing challenges and one member of the roundtable will present back to the group with their findings. Grab a glass of bubbly and discuss the issues whilst forming relationships with influential experts.

5:40 pm - 5:40 pm End of Day One and Networking Drinks