28 - 29 November, 2017 | Sydney, NSW

Chirag Padalia

Director, Workforce Strategy & Analytics
Aurora Health Care (USA)

3:00 PM Data-driven Evidence and Tools to Measure your Workforce Clinical Training Needs

While is clear that data can provide evidence for strategic decision making and increase the development of your workforce, many organisations are still challenged with it’s processes. Drawing on the who, the what, the reasons behind data analysis and how to effectively collect it, this interactive workshop will be take you through a detailed, step-by-step roadmap for leveraging metrics and analytics to help enrich your future workforce and influence data driven decision making for your future workforce clinical needs.

What will the workshop cover?

  • Who: Underlining who is responsible for the data mining and the employees who will benefit from the analysis to improve the training needs
  • What: Developing the right plan to adapt and react to the results to determine the areas for improvement
  • Why: Utilising data to evidence change and assess high level trends in the evolving workforce profile
  • How: An overview of the methodology and strategies that will work for your organisation’s capabilities and resources to meet your objectives

9:10 AM International Case Study Presentation: Linking Workforce Planning to the Bottom-Line: Driving Outcomes with Advanced Analytics

If you can’t translate your people strategy into business language, you’re simply not getting the job done. For Aurora, the largest private employer in Wisconsin, large-scale stakeholder mapping was critical when launching its workforce planning team in early 2015. Within two years, the team leveraged deep analytics to develop a robust workforce planning framework to transform its talent acquisition & retention strategies. Recognizing the imperative for HR leaders to translate outcomes to tangible results, this transformation case study will focus on its overall process, models, and methods used to spur positive workforce and clinical outcomes.

  • Collaboration between Workforce Analytics, Finance, HR, and Operations
  • Identify dashboards that all stakeholders can gather insights from to and drive decision-making within business
  • Advanced studies to harness data and analytics to identify overlapping variables to move the needle forward

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Chirag.

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